BKV Group has a 40-year history of design excellence, winning both regional and national awards for our projects. The nature of architecture is that every site, every client, and every point in time is different, so by definition every project requires a unique and customized solution. These continually changing parameters that drive our design solutions inspire us to generate new ideas and new approaches every day. We continually critique, advise, debate, and congratulate each other to find meaningful, dynamic, elegant, and beautiful solutions. Our creativity is a critical resource that BKV Group takes seriously, and cultivates intentionally, to ensure our clients’ buildings are perfectly suited to their time, place, and function.


BKV Group understands that the products of our work deeply affect human beings, whether they are a full time occupant or a passerby on the street. As designers we have the opportunity and the responsibility to address the issues facing our society, and we attack them every day in the buildings and spaces we imagine. Our designers engage passionately with issues of equity, safety, community, sustainability, wellness, and many more, always working to make our projects part of the solution. We believe in a friendly, upbeat, hopeful, and fun approach to our work, and we are dedicated to a never-ending quest to strengthen our communities.


BKV Group’s project management approach is built to allow our staff to engage our clients from programming all the way through project closeout, delivering our projects on-time and on-budget through open communication, in-depth team workshops, and data-driven decision-making. For us, a successful project is defined by a happy and successful client, so we measure our success on the basis of your success. To achieve a true collaborative relationship with shared purpose, we intentionally adopt our clients’ goals as our own and work collaboratively to streamline your processes, accelerate your key metrics, solve your nightmares, improve your bottom line, and increase your brand visibility.


BKV Group believes in the power of design to bring about a better future. Our past experience is extensive, but it is our focus on innovation that drives our designers past the status quo. All of our market sectors and disciplines are led by designers who are nationally recognized thought-leaders in their industry, educating our clients and our peers through seminars, articles, and interviews. We task our leaders with continual research into the ways our clients interact with the built environment and how future changes will impact those interactions. Through this careful study and in collaboration with our clients, BKV Group strives to create innovative buildings that will drive positive change in our communities.


BKV Group is committed to planning and hosting philanthropic events outside of the office to provide support to the local community. Our team of volunteers contributes creativity, hard work and passion to benefit the communities where we work and live. Through participation, we learn first hand about the issues and opportunities encountered within our local, national, and global communities, simultaneously helping solve those problems and broadening our point of view. Volunteering is integral to what we do and furthers our mission of Enriching Lives and Strengthening Communities.

Holistic Approach

BKV Group has developed an integrated design approach that capitalizes on our wide array of in-house design disciplines and our diverse market sectors. This stretches our thinking outside of conventional silos and allows our designers to cross-pollinate ideas, applying strategies and tactics across building types. We engage early in projects, helping to define and validate the project’s reason for being. We purposefully expand our design thinking beyond the site constraints to explore impacts and opportunities within the community, and beyond the closeout phase by using lifecycle analysis to plan for the long term. By widening our vision and giving our designers freedom to think holistically about our projects, our clients receive a solution more deeply rooted in context and more thoroughly prepared for the future.