Our Services

As a holistic, multi-disciplinary firm, we combine the talents of each member of the design team, resulting in streamlined communication between disciplines to find the best design solutions under budget and timing constraints, while removing redundancies and enhancing the final product.


Our architects listen to and respond to our clients’ aspirations with insight and inspiration to deliver solutions that balance creativity, functionality, and flexibility. Integrating sustainable and innovative design into our multi-disciplinary approach enhances the communities in which we work and live. Our ability to deliver projects that respond to our clients’ unique challenges through thoughtful inquiry, attention to detail, and a commitment to design excellence has earned BKV Group numerous awards and national recognition — including Honor Awards from the American Institute of Architects.

Interior Design

Our interior design team practices within numerous sectors and project types, developing communities that are creative, memorable, and progressive in design, and founded upon intensive research and knowledge of innovative design solutions. Some clients come to us with a strong brand already developed; others look to the design team to help shape the narrative for their brand. BKV Group’s design solutions focus on telling an authentic story, and we work to truly understand the resident, site, neighborhood, and community to infuse those elements into the built environment in order to create a sense of place, and provide users with convenience and support for social, emotional, and physical wellbeing.

Landscape Architecture

Our landscape architecture practice is highly regarded for blending structures with their surroundings, making the site an asset to each project’s performance and livability. We draw attention to unique site features, and evaluate sustainable planning strategies such as solar and wind orientation, local microclimate, site geology and hydrology, utilities and other existing features to determine optimal building siting, and find relationships that make each project distinctive. Our team finds, and creates, the identity that gives a place meaning. In addition to our design expertise, we understand public policy. We recognize the importance to reach beyond the boundaries of the site, to draw people together, provide essential services, and be economically viable in order to build synergy between transit and infrastructure, ecosystem and habitat, and community strength and identity.

Mechanical Engineering

Energy use, health and comfort, and total cost of ownership are key drivers of our mechanical design philosophy. Our mechanical engineers examine many factors to develop sustainable HVAC, plumbing, and fire protection systems, including impacts on natural resources, energy-efficiency, and building occupants. Our goal is to design safe, healthy, and comfortable indoor spaces for clients in residential housing, commercial environments, public buildings, and industrial facilities.

Electrical Engineering

Our electrical engineering group operates across housing, commercial, government, and educational facilities. They work closely with our architects and designers to integrate sustainable systems into the design of new and renovated facilities, promoting energy conservation and occupant health. The team designs smart daylighting and energy-efficient lighting and controls, in addition to electrical infrastructure, power distribution, communication, and emergency power systems so our client’s projects are efficiently crafted.

Structural Engineering

The BKV Group structural engineering group has extensive design experience with buildings constructed of steel, concrete, masonry and wood, and steel stud wall systems. From new building construction to historic preservation and rehabilitation, our structural team develops solutions that are adaptable, durable, and minimize environmental impact. Our engineers analyze all aspects of structure, including foundation systems, wind and seismic requirements, building envelope, and orientation to create safe and environmentally conscious solutions for our clients.

Construction Administration

Our construction administration services team takes the entire life cycle of a building into consideration. Drawing on work in the field with building forensics and loss mitigation, in addition to expertise in on-site execution, we make accurate assessments of project constructability and sustainability. This ensures the integrity of the project from the beginning — and long after construction is complete. The real-world application of design excellence ensures that building performance is verified and achieved during construction, factoring in quality control and site observation, and focusing on communication, project controls, and monitoring. Combining our observations with years of experience and judgment, we detect and prevent potential schedule delays and cost overruns before they occur in the field.

Planning & Pre-Development

BKV Group’s collective expertise in architecture, interior design, landscape architecture, engineering, and construction administration provides an informed perspective for master planning and feasibility studies. We combine research insights with careful analysis to deliver a focused, tailored plan for your project. Our pre-development services address the critical first phase of real estate development as we help clients identify, evaluate, and acquire potential development sites to determine value potential and feasibility. We use qualitative and quantitative methods to explore site utilization options and develop basic proformas, enabling clients to make confident decisions. Managing the planning process includes coordinating with community and city staff, administering the project schedule, and presenting to planning commissions and city councils. We have extensive experience in securing planned developments, special uses, rezoning, variances, and other land use approvals for a variety of project types, with our specialists being well-versed in site research and feasibility studies that align design with zoning codes and local ordinances.