Energy-efficient Electrical Solutions

BKV Group provides electrical engineering design for housing, commercial, government and educational facilities. Our engineering team works closely with our architects and designers to integrate sustainable systems into the design of new and renovated facilities, promoting energy conservation and occupant health. We design smart daylighting, energy-efficient lighting and controls, as well as electrical infrastructure, power distribution, communication, and emergency power systems for our client’s projects.

Mechanical and Environmental Systems

Energy use, health and comfort, as well as total cost of ownership are key drivers of our mechanical design philosophy. The BKV Group mechanical engineers examine many factors to develop sustainable HVAC, plumbing, and fire protection systems, including impacts on natural resources, energy-efficiency, and building occupants. Our goal is to design safe, healthy, and comfortable indoor spaces for clients in residential housing, commercial environments, public buildings, and industrial facilities.

Structure and Analysis

The BKV Group structural engineering group has extensive design experience with buildings constructed of steel, concrete, masonry and wood, and steel stud wall systems. From new building construction to historic preservation and rehabilitation, our structural team develops solutions that are adaptable, durable, and minimize environmental impact. Our engineers analyze all aspects of structure, including foundation systems, wind and seismic requirements, building envelope, and orientation to create safe and environmentally conscious solutions for our clients.